As evidenced by the increasingly sporadic posts on this site, it seems the information well has dried up—the trademark registrations, the domain registrations, the Google searches, the LinkedIn profiles, the resumes/CVs, et cetera. I guess it was inevitable that the industry would take note of potential liabilities to their modus operandi, and if anything, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

The information has become obscure enough that the time investment it takes to comb for the information is far greater than the interest I have for combing for that information. The type of things that I used to be find quite easily were now scattered in bits and pieces across a multitude of places, which greatly increased the time it takes to find these things.

Perhaps more importantly, what used to be feel like a quasi-Indiana Jones-esque insatiable pursuit began to feel like drudgery. I don’t see much point in continuing something I do voluntarily when it starts to feel dispiriting, even if it was borne out of something resembling a labor of love. (To be honest, this isn’t terribly surprising either, and I even wrote a version of this post months ago when I was particularly uninterested; however, I’m not going use that version because it is pretty depressing/is mostly a rant about how much I hated Fallout 3.)

I don’t think what I did (Googling and checking databases; corroborating things) was terribly difficult, and in the end, the pursuit of information seemed to be an uninteresting arms race rather than me feeling like I was bringing anything new to the table; there are voracious forum users, voracious bloggers, voracious tweeters and voracious journalists, so I don’t think this style of sleuthing will exactly disappear. Also, this blog was no longer satiating my egotistic pursuits (no one starts an anonymous, semi-provocative gaming blog without their ego in mind): day-to-day traffic and discussion had plateaued awhile ago and just continued to dwindle.

Finally, for number of reasons (chiefly legal), I will not be revealing my identity (at least not publicly), but anyone curious about anything can send a message to (or you could send a DM to if I’m following you). I still have all intentions to continue tweeting from the superannuation Twitter account, and if I come across anything interesting in my typical web travails (not frequent searches of databases or intense Googling, just things I stumble upon), I’ll make note of it there; I don’t imagine I am going to run out of inane things to ramble or complain about in the immediate future.

Edit: There’s also a Formspring if you want to ask questions.

1995 - 1997 Dreamworks Interactive, Belair, California

Title: Lead Animator

Duties: Directing animation, 3d modeling and animation, coordination and design of animation/programming/final product pipeline.

              Software utilized:

              SGI: Softimage

              PC: 3D Studio, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Autocad, Animator Pro 


Selected Projects:

              The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1996-97)

              Executive producer: Steven Spielberg

Character Creation (modeling and animating) of all player characters. Contributed to state-of-the-art pioneering of morphing techniques and transitions to create the most responsive, yet visually realistic real time playable characters of any computer game to date. Characters include Compy, Dimorphedon, T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Humans.

              Virtual Life (1995)

              Producer: Alan Hartman

              Director: Steven Spielberg

              Writer: Nora Efron

              Storyboard: David Lowery

Character creation (modeling and animating) of all characters in this real time 3D romantic comedy. Body and facial animation of people and animals. Interactive sequences, cinematic, and real time animation.

Wait, there was a Nora Ephron/Steven Spielberg FMV romcom in the works in the early days of DreamWorks Interactive? Woah.

PopCap has filed a trademark registration for Vacation Quest.

(Please don’t be a hidden object game. By the way, where the heck are Yetitrain and Robodojo?)

Sony-affiliated studio Broodworks has filed a trademark registration for Superbot.

(Also, their job page seems to suggest that the studio is focusing on the PS3 rather than handhelds as initially described.)

Backbone Entertainment has filed trademark registrations for Arkopolis, Armor Up, and Wild East.

After shipping Battle for Middle Earth II in February 2006, I briefly joined the Medal of Honor: Airborne team at EALA for several months before accepting an offer to join Pandemic Studios in Los Angeles to work with the team that created the Star Wars: Battlefront series on an original IP.

This project, known internally as Legends, was a cover-based 3rd Person Shooter intended to fuse the gameplay mechanics of Battlefront, with the randomized dungeon and loot generation of Diablo, along with the quest structure and conventions of World of Warcraft. The project went through many evolutionary and streamlining phases but ultimately never coalesced, but you can get a sense of it’s intended tone, style, and gameplay by playing Borderlands from Gearbox Software, which is conceptually similar.

Can’t be worse than Naughty Bear

Studio Creative Director

(Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Computer Games industry)
September 2006 — Present (4 years )

Rango (2011)
Level designer
Artificial Mind & Movement

(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)
February 2007 — Present (3 years 7 months)

Currently working on: “Rango Next Gen”
   THQ Inc.
   29903 Agoura Rd.
   Agoura Hills, California 91301
   United States

      Created on: 03-Aug-10
      Expires on: 03-Aug-11
      Last Updated on: 03-Aug-10

Sounds like a portable thing meant to be played in short bursts.
Domain Name:

      Created on…………..: Tue, Dec 15, 2009
      Expires on…………..: Sun, Jun 24, 2012
      Record last updated on..: Sun, Dec 20, 2009

   Administrative,Technical Contact:
      Electronic Arts
      Domain Hostmaster
      209 Redwood Shores Parkway 
      Redwood City, CA 94065
   Namco Networks America Inc.
   1740 Technology Dr. Suite 320
   San Jose, California 95110
   United States

      Created on: 11-Sep-09
      Expires on: 11-Sep-11
      Last Updated on: 11-Sep-09

This better be more than a hypothetical.
Lead Game Designer   Electronic Arts Montreal   Montreal PQ CAN…


• 7+ years of game industry experience as a designer, with at least 2 years as a lead or senior designer with experience working on an AAA FPS or third-person action title. Multiplayer experience strongly desired.
• Managed multiple designers over an extended period of time.
• Strong understanding of first person action shooters, their related technology, and the tools used to build them.
• Must be able to work collaboratively with team members in separate locations.
• Ability to communicate critically on concepts related to gameplay in a group environment. Willingness to adapt and change designs that are not working for overall aesthetic of game or production reasons.
• Must be willing to travel frequently between Los Angeles and Montreal

Location: Los Angeles or Montreal

EA Montreal collaborating with EALA, er, Danger Close on a game?

This David Garibaldi Epic Mickey speedpainting performance from E3 may very well be as impressive as any game that was shown at the conference.

Pac-Man Sparkler Painting by seubecca
Drawn by Carleton

Pac-Man Sparkler Painting by seubecca

Drawn by Carleton
Pac Man by Carleton Torpin
Sparkly Gaming Console by Som♫.♫.♫