Paradox  Development  /  Midway  Studios  Los  Angeles  -­‐  Moorpark,  CA…
Character  artist   –    May  2002  -­‐  March  2003

•Created  character  models  for  an  unreleased  game  based  on  Quentin  Tarantino’s  movie  Kill  Bill.

I guess it makes sense that the developer of Thrill Kill would be the developer of this.
Flex Engineer
Electronic Arts

(Public Company; ERTS; Computer Games industry)
August 2009 — November 2009 (4 months)

Developed a the front end of Facebook game ‘GODFATHER GANGLAND’ using adobe flex 3 framework.

I guess EA wants to get in some of that Mafia Wars action.

There’s also an IMDb page for the game, which claims it is complete.
Maxis is seeking an experienced Development Director to lead the development of an unannounced next-generation Online simulation game. Responsible delivering a product which meets set time, budget and quality requirements. Drives process improvements. This is an opportunity to join an ambitious project during preproduction and have maximal impact on the game we ship!…

• Has shipped at least one online PC title
• Has shipped at least one game with an online financial model, including online stores and DLC’s…

Sims for Facebook or something could be a very viable threat to the Zynga empire. (Or SimCity for Facebook.)
Consultant, Writer and Story Editor for the Untitled Steven Spielberg Video Game (2012 release)
Electronic Arts LA

I have to imagine this has been cancelled, but I suppose there is a faint chance it has not.
    Created on…………..: 2010-07-08.
    Expires on…………..: 2012-07-07.
    Record last updated on..: 2010-07-08.

    Domain servers in listed order:
Spark is looking for a senior gameplay engineer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.

Based on Wikipedia’s science-fiction franchise page, I am inclined to believe it is one of the following: Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Predator, Riddick, Men in Black, or Stargate

If this is the same as Spark’s licensed sword game, I’m going with Star Wars.

Monolith Productions, a division of WB Games Inc., seeks a Lead Campaign Designer to work with the design team to ensure that all aspects of quest design, ranging from 2D concept layouts and design documentation to 3D mockups and final quests, reflect the vision of the game and fully utilize the strengths of our game mechanics. The Lead Campaign Designer will also work closely with a writer to make sure story beats are clearly integrated into the game. This position reports directly to the Lead Game Designer.


  • Work closely with the Lead Designer to help deliver encounters that match the creative vision and product goals of the game.
  • Work with Writers, Leads, and Design Team to develop quest concepts and themes.
  • Direct the quest layout, scenario creation, prototype modeling, event scripting, entity placement, pacing, balancing and gameplay tuning.
  • Assist in the development and realization of tools for the quest design process.
  • Create and maintain various rules and best practices for performance and quest implementation.
  • Rapidly iterate on quest design to maintain theme and gameplay, while keeping performance high.
  • Support the team with ship-quality quests.
  • Mentor/train other quest designers.
  • Build relationships on the development team to facilitate idea generation and feature implementation.
  • Create and update the associated game design documentation.
  • Maintain excellent communication across the entire team.

  • Experience working with licensed and/or franchised products.
  • 5+ years of game industry experience in a mission design capacity where you have shipped at least two titles, preferably one of which is open world.
  • Proven ability to prototype, build, test, and finalize in-game quests.
  • Experience with creating Quest design documentation.
  • Experience managing a team of designers.
  • (Preferred) Experience as a senior designer (or greater) on a published open world or sandbox play-style game.
  • (Preferred) Experience as a Lead Campaign/Quest/Mission Designer.
  • Demonstrate overall game design process knowledge including, but not limited to, story and character design, quest design, AI design, player control, user interface, pacing, etc.
  • Ability to design and build quest and encounter design using existing and proprietary tools.
  • Passionate about games and able to articulate that passion clearly and analytically. A broad knowledge base of console and PC games.
  • Be an expert on gaming trends, with a focus on open world and sandbox games like Prince of Persia, Assassins Creed, Red Dead Redemption, GTA and everything in between.

Going to say four most likely candidates are The Hobbit, Superman, Batman, and Sherlock Holmes.

Recently, I’ve worked on world concepts and narrative fiction for a new IP at Electronic Arts Blackbox and helped to develop the fiction and characters for the 2011 instalment in the AAA “Need For Speed” franchise.

Does this mean NFS 2011 is not Shift 2? I don’t remember the first Shift having any sort of story. Mayhap one of these?
Senior Programmer
Slightly Mad Studios

(Privately Held; Computer Games industry)
August 2009 — February 2010 (7 months)

Mostly worked on new open world technology but also worked on Need For Speed Shift 2.

I wasn’t really paying attention to EA’s E3 presser, but I’m pretty sure this was not announced.
We are looking for a Senior Client Macintosh Programmer, who will be primarily responsible for porting a next-generation massively multiplayer game client to the Apple Mac OS X platform.
Maybe this could be Toys For Bob’s new game that is “not another game based on an animated movie” and features “some cool story and gameplay  elements that feel more classic Toys For  Bob.”
I don’t mean to throw out a hypothetical that will likely not be the case, but the title does sort of sound like something that could be a spiritual successor to Star Control.

Maybe this could be Toys For Bob’s new game that is “not another game based on an animated movie” and features “some cool story and gameplay elements that feel more classic Toys For Bob.”

I don’t mean to throw out a hypothetical that will likely not be the case, but the title does sort of sound like something that could be a spiritual successor to Star Control.

Death Drive

Publisher: Activision
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Release Date: 11/16/2010

Concept art for Crystal Dynamics’ Downfall.

Design documents and prototype miscellanea for Crystal Dynamics’ San Francisco-set “3rd person, survival-horror open world game” Downfall.

The rumored direction of the next full-fledged Tomb Raider makes a bit more sense now.

(Also: More for the canon of conceptual stuff of Iron Man games that is more interesting—or in this case, likely would have been—than the final product.)

Electronic Arts has filed a trademark (or two) for Alice: Madness Returns.

It’s a bad pun, but I cannot fathom it being qualitatively worse than Bad Day LA—which is easily the most repulsive, juvenile and absymal game I have ever played.

(Don’t get me wrong, this sequel from a textbook hack/borderline con artist that no one—not even the early aughts mall goths who were fans of the original—is anticipating will be crap and several hundred levels below New Kids on the Block’s reunion album on the creative bankruptcy scale.)