As evidenced by the increasingly sporadic posts on this site, it seems the information well has dried up—the trademark registrations, the domain registrations, the Google searches, the LinkedIn profiles, the resumes/CVs, et cetera. I guess it was inevitable that the industry would take note of potential liabilities to their modus operandi, and if anything, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

The information has become obscure enough that the time investment it takes to comb for the information is far greater than the interest I have for combing for that information. The type of things that I used to be find quite easily were now scattered in bits and pieces across a multitude of places, which greatly increased the time it takes to find these things.

Perhaps more importantly, what used to be feel like a quasi-Indiana Jones-esque insatiable pursuit began to feel like drudgery. I don’t see much point in continuing something I do voluntarily when it starts to feel dispiriting, even if it was borne out of something resembling a labor of love. (To be honest, this isn’t terribly surprising either, and I even wrote a version of this post months ago when I was particularly uninterested; however, I’m not going use that version because it is pretty depressing/is mostly a rant about how much I hated Fallout 3.)

I don’t think what I did (Googling and checking databases; corroborating things) was terribly difficult, and in the end, the pursuit of information seemed to be an uninteresting arms race rather than me feeling like I was bringing anything new to the table; there are voracious forum users, voracious bloggers, voracious tweeters and voracious journalists, so I don’t think this style of sleuthing will exactly disappear. Also, this blog was no longer satiating my egotistic pursuits (no one starts an anonymous, semi-provocative gaming blog without their ego in mind): day-to-day traffic and discussion had plateaued awhile ago and just continued to dwindle.

Finally, for number of reasons (chiefly legal), I will not be revealing my identity (at least not publicly), but anyone curious about anything can send a message to (or you could send a DM to if I’m following you). I still have all intentions to continue tweeting from the superannuation Twitter account, and if I come across anything interesting in my typical web travails (not frequent searches of databases or intense Googling, just things I stumble upon), I’ll make note of it there; I don’t imagine I am going to run out of inane things to ramble or complain about in the immediate future.

Edit: There’s also a Formspring if you want to ask questions.