do you have a passion for acting AND gaming?

do you have a costume emulating your favorite video game hero?

we ae casting for a commercial that will show all over the internet on game related sites.

shoot is sept. 20th

some roles are speaking, some are not, so dont be shy!

if you fit the following descriptions… we have a role for you.

1. Cowboy robber/Bandit
2. Biker Dudes
3. Pirate
4. Pirate chick
5. Canadian Mountie
6. Ninja
7. Samurai
8. Anime guy
9. Astronaut
10. Guy in aqualung/ scuba suit
11. Sailor
12. Damsel in distress
13. Army guy/tank driver
14. Killer Fish
15. Evil Russian
16. Penguin
17. Princess (a la “Super Mario”…but ruined party girl feel to her….also “Fat Princess”)
18. Hand & Forearm (FPS gag)
19. Contra Bros.
20. Anime lady with colorful wig & kimono
21. Robin hood/Link (from Zelda)
22. Laura Croft (with “white trash” inspiration thrown in there)
23. Protoype/Assasin’s Creed guy with hoodie hiding his face
24. troll/orc/elf
25. Indian guy from Mike Tyson’s PUNCH OUT
26. Vampire/Gothic
27. Milla inspired character from Resident Evil (kicking ass in combat boots and lingerie)
28. Asteroid/Space Invaders
29. Day of the Dead (Grim Fandango)
30. Tekken; weird characters (fighting bears/log characters/tigers)
31. Worms/Earthworm Jim
32. Pitfall/Indian Jones/Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
33. Snowboard/Skateboard dude
34. guitar Hero character
35. Tron (lycra suit with neon)
36. Pong
37. Race Car Driver (NASCAR or “Too Fast Too Furious”)
38. British Spy (tux/sunglasses, suave)
39. Zombies
40. Street Fighter Guys (specifically Ken & Ryu)
41. Russian Mafia/Leisure Suit Larry (sleeze-ball look)
42. SWAT guy
43. Football player
44. Bomberman/Dig-dig
45. Pro Wrestler
46. Army dude/lady
47. Tetris piece
48. Asian hot chick messenger (a la “Mirror’s Edge”)
49. Little creepy girl (FEAR, BioShock, Silent Hill)
50. Jedi
51. Nazi
52. Gorilla (Donkey Kong or Rampage)
53. Robot
54. Gangsta
55. Afro Samurai
56. Pirate
57. Alien
58. Cowboy
59. historical figures (Cleopatra, Roman solider, Napoleon)
60. Barbarian (loincloths, yes!)
61. DDR/Singstar pop-people
62. Action Hero
63. Elf
64. Knight
65. Dragon
66. Fairy tale inspired/Cooking Mama cuteness
67. Boxer