Experience: Team Bondi, Sydney, Australia
Sept 09 – Current Animator – L.A Noire (PS3, Xbox360)

Animator on Rockstar’s L.A Noire for next generation consoles assisting in:…

Eurocom Entertainment Software, Derby, United Kingdom
July 09 – Sept 09 Animator – GoldenEye 2010 (Wii)

Animator on Activision’s James Bond series for the Nintendo Wii


First off, I should probably note that Eurocom did porting work on Treyarch’s Quantum of Solace game from last year.

So if the Bizarre Creations’ 2010 Bond game is another Goldeneye, does this mean that the racing game rumors are unfounded?

Also, Bond interactive license-holders, can’t be we get over this improper canonization of the massively overrated Goldeneye and focus on the actual best Bond game ever, Everything or Nothing? (Activision, your new SF studio has some integral dudes from that game, just saying.)

We already know that LA Noire is probably multiplatform, so there’s no reason to really rant about that. My apathy towards LA Noire also factors in there.