Type of Work: Recorded Document

Document Number: V3551D622

Date of Recordation: 2007-04-23

Entire Copyright Document: V3551 D622 P1-3

Date of Execution: 15May06; 12Jan07

Title: Heavy rain / by David “Cage” de Gruttola.

Notes: Short form option.  Exhibit A recorded at request of sender.

Party 1: QuanticDream, Inc. & David DeGruttola a.k.a. David Cage.

Party 2: New Line Productions, Inc.

Names: DeGruttola, David        
Cage, David        
Gruttola, David De        
QuanticDream, Inc.        
New Line Productions, Inc.
A filing at the United States Copyright Office, which doesn’t allow for direct linking to searches.

New Line Productions is, of course, New Line Cinema, the once-autonomous Time Warner subsidiary studio absorbed into Warner Bros. film unit in 2008, rendering them a division that puts out chick flicks, slasher films and The Lord of the Rings (the expensive things that New Line had been planning were moved to WB’s slate). And here’s a good definition of what “short form option” is, so I don’t have to spend the time typing an explanation.