Trademark roundup

I haven’t looked throught the USPTO database in at least a week, so I figured I’d just put all of the interesting things in one post instead of fifteen.

Konami has filed a trademark registration for Bobblehead Pros, which I will assume is another localization of the Power Pro series, perhaps for portables. Speaking of baseball, Ubisoft has filed a new trademark registration for High Heat Baseball; given their lack of professional license, I’d going to assume this is in relation to a portable game.

THQ has filed a registration for UDraw GameTablet in relation to both hardware and software; the image that comes to my mind is a Wacom-esque peripheral likely tied to a console entry in the Drawn to Life series.

Bungie has filed a registration for Bungie Aerospace for use with proprietary development software—specifically, game engines—with the following logo.

Ubisoft filed a registration for Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, which I imagine is in relation to this year’s inevitable multiplatform wagglefest. Speaking of Yves and likely multiplatform waggle, Ubisoft has also filed a registration for Dance on Broadway; I assume this is a continuation of the Just Dance franchise where I get to bust moves to “La Vie Bohème.”

ngmoco filed a registration for Vampire High, which I’m going to guess has little to do with this Canadian television series I just found existed.

Finally, among a bunch of things in this registration from Rihanna’s legal team are a few mentions of video games, which obviously means Tale of Tales is obviously working on an adaptation of Umbrella.