It couldn’t be worse than Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time…

Well, I have been contacted by several major feature studios to develop the project further.

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Update: Toldja! Deadline New York’s Mike Fleming confirms that Happy Madison — Adam Sandler’s production company set up at the Sony lot — bought the rights to the short; HM is in “early talks” with Columbia to turn in into a feature that would (unsurprisingly) be filmed in 3D and likely feature broad humor aplenty. I heard a rumor yesterday that HM and Columbia were considering a Deuce Bigalow 3D; if Pixels means that will never come to fruition, I might buy a ticket to see Kevin James or Jay Baruchel or whoever running away from 8-bit-inspired invaders that are generic do to licensing entanglements.

Update two: The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog says “the plan is to make a “Ghostbusters”-style action comedy in which characters come out of a video game to wreak havoc in the real world.”